Amazing Street Art

Street art is a medium that requires a special set of artistic skills else it risks being considered nothing more than grafitti. The beautiful street artwork below was created by such talented artists as Julian Beever, Edgar Mueller and Kurt Wenner. The Youtube video is of Julian Beevers extremely talented work.

Street Art Waterfall
Street Art Car
Street Art by Julian Beever

Street Art
Street Art illusion
Street Art helicopter
Street Art lobster
Street Art car by EA

I found these and others while visiting and I want you to pay particular attention to the last picture, an amazing commisioned street art piece by electronic arts. Street art isn’t easy to create, takes a LOT of time to get just right and is subject to the elements BUT it leaves an amazing impression to passers by and hey, people take pictures and spread them around the internet!

The moral – instead of paying for your ads to spread accross the internet, commision one of these extremely talented artists to create a masterpiece for you and let the pictures be spread naturaly! If your service or product has a brandable image, what better way to brand it? Go for it!