Boredom is a disease – 5 steps to finding your cure

Everyone suffers from boredom but it doesn’t have to be chronic and mood altering. Really.

The trick is to realise that when the feelings related to boredom start overwhelming you that you are not helpless, in fact, you can turn those restless feelings into a positive force. You can train yourself to think differently about what it means to be bored when it happens.

Boredom is a disease. It may or may not be clinicly listed as such but it does one thing extremely effectively, it takes away precious time that you could be spending enjoying an activity. The words “I don’t feel like it” or “I’m bored and have nothing to do” mean one thing : that you need to expand your horizons and find new ways of stimulating your mind.

The problem with expanding our horizons and our minds, despite knowing we should, is that we don’t when we need to most. Let me tell you a story

Brandon Lee, the son of kung fu legend and movie star Bruce Lee, once gave an interview during the filming of his last movie that should hit home and help you beat boredom once and for all, this is his story. The movie he was filming was titled “The Crow”, a dark action movie that idealizes love and revenge.

During the interview he asked simple questions and answered them himself. Brandon asked “How many more times will you stop and watch the sun set during your lifetime?” and he answered “People feel that they can see as many as they want as if there is no limit, but in reality perhaps they’ll see 10?”.

Brandon Lee died in a filming accident shortly after giving the interview making his message all the more significant. We have a set amount of time left in our lives in which we can take in as many life experiences as possible, boredom robs us of the drive to aquire many of those life experiences. Here are five steps to help you create your own personal cure to boredom.

  • #1 – Get fit. I had to say it, fit people have more energy and are less likely to give in to laziness. Getting fit in and of itself will keep you busy. Look into ways of improving your overall health, the rest will follow.
  • #2 – Find motivation in advance. For starters get a copy of Brandon Lee’s The Crow. Even if you don’t watch the movie, the interview he shares as an extra feature is priceless (and not just because he died shortly after giving it). I can tell you from experience that when I feel boredom coming on I now also feel a jolt pulling me out of it right away thanks to Brandons interview. It all has to do with outlook on life, you’ll see what I mean and you won’t want to lose another minute.
    Here is the short version of Brandon Lee’s Interview on Youtube

  • #3 – Improve your surroundings. Boredom can be caused by the environment around you. If you’re constantly in a dark basement or poorly lit environment you are more prone to becoming bored (and possibly depressed). Bright and color rich surroundings help stimulate the senses. The image I chose at the top of this article for example would make an excellent painting. It makes me want to hop into the boat, stare at the sky and look around the beach all at the same time.
  • #4 – Find new things you enjoy doing, and do them!. Heavy emphasis placed on the finding. Look out the window, what’s your neighbor doing? If you find what he/she is doing boring (and you’ve tried it at least once) find a better window. A better window might be the internet, look around the net for things to physicaly do, just make sure you don’t end up sitting in front of the monitor for hours every day. Still bored? Then you need a bigger window still. A window in this example is simply a bigger portal to give you a better outlook on life. There are far too many experiences possible in the universe, no single person will experience them all, stop wasting time and find what you want to do because the time you have available is quickly passing you by.
  • #5 – Know that boredom isn’t a lack of things to do. Boredom is rarely a lack of things to do, most often it’s a lack of willingness to do anything or a desire to do just one thing that can’t be done at that moment. If you can’t convince yourself to do something it’s time for change. Change might be as simple as taking a nap to see if you feel motivated when you wake up or it might be as complicated as planning a trip to another country for six months down the road. Learn from the feelings associated with boredom, if you pay attention to what led up to those feelings you might just figure out how to avoid the feelings altogether.

Have you written a book? Have you traveled to a foreign land? (accross the street is as good as around the world, so long as it’s your first time). Have you done everything you’ve always wanted to do? If you’re bored, get to it! I’d say the sky is the limit but then again, check out what my idol Richard Garriott has planned HERE! Still feel bored ?