Decadent Designer Bathroom Photos – Which Style Suits You?

1. The Romanesque Bathroom
Roman Style Bathroom
The Roman style bathroom features an abundance of stone and granite materials incorporated into an open design. Pillars and stone walls imbue a sense of strength and warmth while richly adorned mirrors are positioned to make self admiration simple. Traditional doors are replaced by period draw-curtains, held back with rope, and a heavy accent is placed on trim and moldings with intricate artistic designs. A well lit dome completes the Roman Design.

2. The Mediterranean Bathroom
Mediterranean Style Bathroom
Mediterranean bathrooms feature neutral earth tones and pastel colors and sometimes have floor to ceiling travertine tiles like the one depicted in this image by sarahleeab. Floor to ceiling mirrors make the bathroom feel much larger.

3. Antique Style Bathroom
Antique Style Bathroom
The antique style bathroom retains the appearance of age by merging olden style bathtubs and wash basins with modern plumbing. The wooden walls and choice of window enhance the antique feel. Of course, real antique tubs can be used as well. This image by sarahleeab includes a modern shower.

4. Simple Modern Bathroom w/walk in tub

Modern Style Bathroom
This modern bathroom features a simple large cabinet with matching mirror and more interestingly a walk in shower that is also a bathtub. The tub tiles match the flooring giving the room a uniform appearance.

5. Open Bath House Design
Open Bath House Style Bathroom
The open bath house design features one large room with little in the way of privacy but a lot of room to relax and get ready in. This design with ample open room is perfect if needing to dress up frequently is required by your lifestyle.

6. Contemporary Bathroom
Contemporary Bathroom
This contemporary bathroom grabs attention with a vivid contrast between white and several different shades of blue. Space is used effectively and a uniform and symetrical feel is the result. Green would also work well with this design.

7. Oriental Bathroom

Japanese Bathroom
Simple elegance with minimal clutter and eye pleasing textures are hallmarks of an oriental bathroom. Peaceful, tranquility and soothing describe this design.

And when you’re just in too much of a hurry to appreciate the beauty…

8. The SS Flusher Rocket Powered Toilet
Rocket Toilet
This work of art, created by Ky ‘RocketMan’ Wilson has a 1000lb thrust rocket motor that engages when you flush. Hey, when you’ve gotta go, go fast!