Great White Sharks of Guadalupe

When Gina traveled to the Isle of Guadalupe in 2007 she brought back a lot of amazing great white shark photographs to share with everyone. Most of the pictures were taken with her Canon EOS and as you can see below the results were excellent, good enough to make me want to go play with the great white sharks of Guadalupe too. Isla Guadalupe offers shark tourism at its best.

1. Is This Shark Smiling For The Camera or Spotting Lunch ?
Great White Shark Grin
Guadalupe Island (Isla Guadalupe) is a volcanic Island located about 150 miles off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula and is one of the premiere shark tourism destinations.

2.A 12 foot great white having a snack
Great White Shark Eating
When diving to observe sharks from a cage it’s not uncommon to see several 10 to 12 foot long male sharks become interested in the chum (bait) used to attract them. Because the bait isn’t moving however the elder sharks take their time before striking. Often a younger shark will attack the bait long before an elder shark takes the risk due to inexperience.

3. Sharks listen to rock music, but do they like it?

Great White Shark sound
During this trip an underwater speaker playing AC/DC was used to draw attention to the boat and it did just that. You can see it in the lower right corner of the picture. The shark in the foreground has been roughed up once or twice as can be seen by his scars.

4. Lunchtime for a younger great white shark
Great White Shark cage
The great white sharks really will swim up to your cage and see if they can find a bite to eat. This young male showed off his teeth while lining up for a run at some food.

5. Another shark grin, is he happy to see you or does he see lunch?
Great White Shark Grin
While it looks like the shark is smiling he’s actually using all of his senses to see/hear/taste the area which helps him determine if there is food to be found. A sharks head is quite capable of pivoting left and right as you can see, you see it again when they thrash after biting down on prey.

6. A typical charter boat with shark cages

Great White Shark Cage
When you charter your shark tourism trip, and you’re planning to do that at least once in your life right after seeing these pictures of course, you’ll take a 16 hour boat ride to the area and most likely stay 2 or 3 days to completely enjoy the area. This is what the shark cages look like on deck.

7. Power, Beauty and Elegance
Great White Shark
This picture is great at showing just how powerful yet elegant a great white shark really is. They are to be respected at all times, they aren’t tame, but they are quite beautiful in their own way.

Some suggestions for when you plan your shark tourism getaway. Bring friends along and enjoy the raw power and beauty of the area together. Not only will you leave with a lasting impression you can all talk about you’ll only use one boat for the trip and not multiple boats at different times. Tread lightly, as with any nature tourism attraction you should seek out the most experienced guides and make sure they operate in an eco friendly manner.

Don’t pollute and remember to wave when a shark smiles at you!