Funny Pictures – 15 Of The Worlds Worst Jobs

If you think you have the worst job in the world, think again. No matter how much you loathe your job at times, know that somewhere, somehow, someone is suffering more than you are. So go ahead, point and laugh!

In no particular order…

1. Being a photographer when your boss says “running of the bulls”.

Running of the bulls closeup

2. Being an affiliate marketer, when your site is on a free host.
blogger and blogspot unavailable

3. Being a squirrel, trying to get a nut.
squirel in front of 5 cats

4. Being “That Girl” at the local county fair.

pie in the face

5. I can’t look – cell phone tower, top of building, next!
cell tower repairman on top of building

6. Data entry when sharing a cubicle with “Big Willy”.
fat man crushing co-worker

7. Being a cashier in the store behind the shooting range.

soldier holding up a target

8. A tour of duty with the elephant brigade.
catching elephant poop

9. Trying to win a beauty contest, in Chernobyl.

photoshoped model

10. Sharing the planet with humans.
polar bear on melting iceberg

11. Being captain of a BIG tow boat, when surrounded by little bridges.

towboaqt under bridge accident

12. Being a Materazzi, when near a Zidane.

zinidane zidane headbutt

13. Being that Mentos Fresh Breath guy.
coke spray in face

14. Being a snowman after a fresh snowfall.
scared snowman

15. Being a student saleperson and trying to get ANYBODY to listen.

woman in crowd standing still

There are many more, there always will be, if you’re in one send a pic!