Legends behind St. Valentine Day

Cupid the Love Symbol

Cupid the Love Symbol

Though the day today is celebrated with much fun & frolic & stands for most people as a symbolic day for couples to express their love, St. Valentine Day has several legends to support its true origin.

Cupid or the Roman god of love is one of the earliest symbols of this day. A popular legend suggests that 14th Feb is the day when Valentine, a Christian priest was beheaded because of his teachings & a miracle that he had performed on the jailer’s daughter. He is also supposed to have received love notes from children & friends who missed being with him.

Another legend suggests that Valentine was an Italian bishop who had been imprisoned just because he used to get couples married secretly, which was contrasting to the Roman laws.

At one time, Feb 14 was also a Roman holiday when young men chose their sweethearts to accompany them on a date. It was only in about AD 496 when Feb 14 was declared as the “Valentine’s Day”.

The legends behind the origin of this day are as varied as the ways in which it is celebrated today, with couples & friends expressing their love for the other through gifts, roses, cards or candies. Not to be left behind in the celebration are the print & electronic media who provide a wide platform for people from far & wide to enjoy this love day to the fullest!!