More Free Photoshop Brushes To Download

Photoshop CS graphic designers love to download as many Free Photoshop Brushes as they can find judging by the response to the first 300 I posted in this weeks first Free Photoshop Brushes article. I have an enormous folder full of photoshop brushes, adons and plugins and like other graphcic design enthusiasts I’m always keeping an eye out for more. The biggest hurdle a graphic artist faces is usually time such as the time it takes to search the web to find quality photoshop brush sets. Enjoy these free photoshop brushes.

Photoshop Brushes GuideHow To Use
Step #1 – Download and unzip the free photoshop brushes into your photoshop presets folder for brushes. If you’re using photoshop CS2 that’s likely to be under adobe/cs2/presets/brushes in your computers program files folder.

Step #2 – Open your photoshop brushes preset manager and select the photoshop brush or brush set that you want to import from the dropdown list. If you don’t see the photoshop brushes you want on the list you likely placed the file in the wrong folder, double check step #1. Your photoshop brush is now ready to use, that’s all there is to it!

300 more free photoshop brushes to download.

Space Photoshop Brushes
Space Brushes by: MercuryShadow

18 photoshop brushes for use with photoshop CS and above that are perfect for space or sci-fi graphic design work or for making futuristic wallpaper backgrounds.

Ultimate Brush Pack with seven sets
Ultimate Brush Pack by: axeraider70

7 Photoshop Brush Sets with dozens of brushes for your photoshop CS2. Sets included: Life, Darius, Zone, Decimation, Godspeed, Halo 3 Medals and Genesis.

Feather Brushes for Photoshop
Feather Brushes by: Jelena Jovović

18 Feather Photoshop Brushes for your CS2 or newer software. Feathers have lots of uses in graphic design and Jelena has done an excellent job with this photoshop brush set, thanks Jalena.

Lightning Photoshop Brushes
Lightning Brushes by: Jelena Jovović

20 Lightning Brushes for photoshop CS and newer. Jelena is talented at creating finely detailed graphics. Every photoshop using graphic designer needs a good set of lightning brushes like these.

Borders and Corners Photoshop Brushes
Borders and Corner Brushes by: PsyDoxArt

30 Border and Corner Photoshop Brushes are another must for every graphic designer. This set of vector like brushes are all 1100 – 1200 pixels large for clean designs at full resolution, perfect for backgrounds and website design.

Splatter Photoshop Brushes
Photoshop Splatter by:Robert Redwood

Cool Photoshop Brushes. Robert has taken the time to create hundreds of extremely handy photoshop brush sets for photoshop 7 and above including bubble brushes, heart brushes, star brushes and leaf brushes.

Arcane Photoshop Brushes
Arcane Photoshop Brushes by:Stephanie

29 Arcane Photoshop Brushes depicting runes and other magical symbols, perfect for game related websites, wallpapers and magical graphics.

Try your hand at futuristic graphic design.

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