Bizarre but True Wine Brand Names

February 8th, 2010
Bitch Wine Brand

Bitch Wine Brand

The world is full of amazing & interesting stories, facts & traditions. While one frequently comes across amazing stories & traditions, there are certain amazing facts that are truly bizarre. An example of such amazing facts is this list of bizarre wine brand names.

Though most of us are aware of the common brands in the wine industry, not many must have heard about brand names as bizarre & funny as these:

Bitch: This is an Australian wine brand named “Bitch” that comes as a product of R Wines winemakers. The wine is made using a difficult-to-grow- grape that is found in the Barossa Valley of South Australia.

Frog’s Piss: This is a red melted wine bottle labeled as a selection of the famous Cheers Calais booze-cruise store.

Mad Housewife: This is yet another bizarre wine brand name. This particular wine brand is meant especially to cater to women looking for some fun to go with their domestic bliss.

Le Vin de Merde: This brand name comes as a product of a frustrated man called Jean-Marc Speziale, who supposedly was so fed up with the bad press of wines from Languedoc-Roussillon that he decided to start his own batch of wine & named it Le Vin de Merde or the “Wine of Shite” as it is popularly known in Ireland.

Fat Bastard: The Fat Bastard or rather the FAT Bastard is a combined product from British-French partnership. The product has also earned the name of being a “marketing phenomenon” owing to its recent sale of 400,000 cases.

Cleavage Creak: This handcrafted elegant complex wine earns its name due to the premium grapes from which the wine is produced, that grow in the cleavage of some of the most beautiful hills of California.

Funny Wedding Traditions

February 4th, 2010
A Funny Wedding Tradition

A Funny Wedding Tradition

The wedding traditions followed across the continents are as diverse as the world itself. While some of the traditions can make you emotional, others are really interesting & funny. In fact, the world seems full of some of the most interesting wedding ceremonies.

In Wales for example, the wedding ceremony is associated with a tradition called “Tied into a knot”. As per the tradition, a young couple tied with rope is sent to bed. By morning if the couple manages to loosen the knot, they are set free & in case the knot remains till morning, they are declared man & wife. In another wedding tradition followed in Hungary, there exists something called the “Money Dance”. It goes that on the day of the wedding, the bride is supposed to put her shoes in the center of the room & men interested in dancing with the bride put money in them.

The German’s & Vietnamese have a different tradition to follow during weddings. Two German traditions include that the invitations for the wedding be sent to the guests weeks before the due date & also that the bride needs to demonstrate her sewing skills before the wedding day. In Vietnam the tradition is to have the wedding party organized by both, the groom’s family as well as the bride’s family.

While some of these traditions can be really hard on the newly-weds, others add humor to the complete ceremony. Besides, each ceremony has some belief associated with it & they all are followed just for an untroubled & happy life of the newly-weds.