Pictures Of Scotland – Visit And Vacation In Photographs

When Patrick took his Urlaub In Schottland (Vacation in Scotland) during the summer of 2008 he brought along his Canon EOS 450D digital camera and took these superb photographs to share with everyone. Enjoy Scotlands beauty.

1. Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle
This ancient fortress is one of Scotlands most visited tourist attractions and still houses a Garrison of soldiers today albeit mostly for ceremonial purposes.

2. City of Edinburgh
City of Edinburgh Scotland
Patricks vacation took him to the city of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, and even on this cloudy day you can’t help but notice how charming Edinburgh is.

3. Another great closeup photo of Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle Picture

The view from the opposite side of Edinburgh Castle (and a little less cloudy).

4. In the streets of Edinburgh
Streets of Edinburgh

5. An abandoned dock in Edinburgh Harbor
An abandoned dock in Edinburgh Harbor

6. The view from atop Linlithglow Palace
Linlithglow Palace Ruins
Linlithglow Palace is located 15 miles west of Edinburgh and its medieval ruins with rich history are a popular tourist destination. Interesting fact: King James the 5th and later his daughter, Mary Queen of Scots, were both born in Linlithgow Palace in 1512 and 1542 respectively.

7. Linlithglow Palace Fountain

Linlithglow Palace Fountain
Interesting fact: It is said that the fountain was made to pour wine at one time in honor of Charles Edward Stuarts (Bonnie Prince Charlie) visit to the palace in September, 1745. Much of the palace was burned down the following year.

8. The Falkirk Wheel
Falkirk Wheel
The Falkirk Wheel is a rotating boat lift connecting the Union canal with the Forth and Clyde canal which are aprox. 79 feet apart in altitude. An ingenious design.

9. The Falkirk Wheel Viaduct
Falkirk Wheel Viaduct
A view of the Ochil Hills from the viaduct while approaching the Falkirk Wheel.

10. Robert The Bruce Monument – Bannockburn Battlefield

Robert The Bruce Monument on the Bannockburn Battlefield
This monument of Robert the Bruce reads “Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, 1306 – 1329″ and sits overlooking the battlefield at Bannockburn where Scotland won a great battle against the English durring the middle ages.

11. Inverness, Scotland
Inverness Scotland
Inverness is a city in the northern part of Scotland whos name means ‘mouth of the river Ness’. Inverness is one of Europe’s fastest growing cities and is highly ranked for its quality of life. Nearby Loch Ness flows into the river Ness.

12. Jacobite Steam Train

Jacobite Steam Train
The Jacobite Steam Train, owned by the West Coast Railway Company, runs from Fort William to Mallaig in the West Highlands and passes Glenfinnan Viaduct.

13. The Glenfinnan Viaduct
Glenfinnan Viaduct
Hogwarts Express scenes in the film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets were filmed in this location. This picture was taken from the Jacobite Steam Train.

14. The Glenfiddich Distilery
Glenfiddich Distilery
The Glenfiddich Distilery, located in Dufftown Scotland and has been flowing single malt whiskey since Crhistmas day, 1887. (Sold in 180 countries!)

15. Burghead Harbour

Burghead Harbour in Moray Scotland
Burghead Harbour in the small town of Burghead, Moray Scotland, used to bustle with activity however fishing is no longer a major factor in the local economy.

The countryside in Edinburgh, Callander, Speyside, Inverness and Aberdeen
Scotland Countryside
Scotland River
A Bridge in Scotland
Scotish Highlands
Scotland Waterfall
A Lake in Scotland
Ruins in Scotland

23. Lossiemouth Beach
Bridge to Lossiemouth Beach

Lossiemouth Beach is located in Moray, Scotland, and this bridge takes you to it.