StumbleUpon Traffic Guide – 50 Tips by 50 Authors

How do you increase StumbleUpon traffic and maximize it’s effectiveness?
The following 50 people, including me, have volunteered excellent tips and advice to help you get more StumbleUpon traffic to your blog or website.

First – What is StumbleUpon?
StumbleUpon is a unique people-driven blog, website, image and video sharing service. Members create their own blog profiles and install the StumbleUpon toolbar to make rating sites easy. As members stumble accross the web they rate sites, videos and images and tag them into categories. Members who enjoy the same categories will also see the site and give their opinion with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Garner enough thumbs up and the site is shown to a wider audience, likewise too many thumbs down drives the site out of the loop. Top web pages, as voted by StumbleUpon members, can receive tens of thousands of visitors over a few days time. Sign up to StumbleUpon. Now, onto the tips!

Vandelay method test graphs

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1. Popular Wealth – First the obvious, create StumbleUpon worthy content.

2. Search Engine Journal – Stumble articles that link to your site.

3. DoshDosh – Limit the number of poorly blended ads.

4. ProBlogger – Stumble other members top content to create connections.

5. Mahalo – Enable SearchViews for better listings in Google and Yahoo.

6. Venture Skills – Use the ’send-to’ feature to centralize your social world.

7. Now Sourcing – Just enjoy StumbleUpon and remember to use it regularly.

8. BlogPond – Become an active member in SU groups that interest you.

9. Pronet Advertising – Keep an up to date friends list of active members.

10. Vandelay Design – Set up a domino effect using multiple social services.

11. Dan Grossman – Keep an eye on traffic analytics to spot trends.

12. Single Grain – Link to your StumbleUpon profile page prominently.

13. Blog About Your Blog – Build a StumbleUpon Network With Similar Interests.

14. Muhammad Saleem – Take the time to appreciate your peers.

15. Words 2 Content – Chose your category tags wisely.

16. Tapping Creativity – Take advantage of StumbleUpon’s photoblog feature.

17. OgleTree SEO – Manage the residual benefits such as Alexa rank.

18. SUComments – Set your recent reviews page as the home page.

19. Skelliewag – Consider setting up a Tumblelog.

20. Pickthebrain – Become a Stumbleupon poweruser, for the wow factor.

21. popurls – Generate blog article ideas from currently hot blog topics.

22. Server Dome – Display popular posts to entice stumblers to read further.

23. LifeHacker – Use StumbleUpon to study the best internet content.

24. Daily Moolah – Show off your recently stumbled pages in the sidebar.

25. Blogging Fingers – Link to your blog from your StumbleUpon profile.

26. Blah Blah Tech – Avoid using commas and apostrophes in article titles.

27. Shoemoney – by Neil Patel, Diversify your blogs traffic sources.

28. TechCrunch – Create linkworthy articles promoting StumbleUpon, example.

29. Shaun Low – Amuse and Entertain your blogs readers, humor.

30. SEOptimise – Carefully select article titles, make em’ catchy but accurate.

31. JohnTP – Make it easy for visitors to Stumble your articles, buttons.

32. John Chow – by Faisal Anwar, Link a stumbled post to other source posts.

33. Michael Aulia – Use Stumble Alerter to monitor stumbles for later research.

34. Successful Blog – Take the time to say thank you, appreciation is key.

35. Conversation Marketing – Work at StumbleUpon success, don’t just spam.

36. Lee Doyle – Use SU to explore new blogs to come up with new post ideas.

37. eWhisper – Use proper tracking software to get an accurate visitor count.

38. Aimclear Blog – Pre-sell your articles by relating them to common emotions.

39. Grumpy Coder – Learn Thy Audience! Diversify your ideas and articles.

40. ProBlogger – Written by Skellie, Insert powerful visual cues.

41. BlogResourcesOnline – Be generous with your stumbles.

42. Blogging Bits – Remember, readers deserve the best you can offer them.

43. Chance Favors – Use SU as intended and help others do the same.

44. Big Bucks Blogger – Visit peoples profiles, comment, review.

45. Bill Hartzer – Claim your SU blog on Technorati (I know, duh!, A+)

46. Daily Blog Tips – Don’t get banned by begging for stumbles, think longterm.

47. Hubspot – Take great care in creating your SU profile appearance.

48. EasyWordpress – Be first to discover sites and help friends discover SU.

49. Andy Beard – Use software that detects referer traffic, custom greetings.

50. Nate Whitehill – Temper expectations, build traffic naturally.

Whew, that was exhausting to write! But not as exhausting as reading them all and the other 450 or so I came accross while researching StumbleUpon.

Now, what I’d like you to do… Please leave a comment with tips you think work that aren’t listed above, I’ll start things off with my own suggestion…

Go for the DOUBLE STUMBLE and improve SEO by condensing outbound links.
Here is how that works, assuming the following two factors:
#1 – You have an article idea you think is red hot.
#2 – The article links to the source of your inspiration.

I think most articles qualify, so before you write your red hot article head over to Googles webmaster tools and check to see if you’ve linked to that source before. Odds are you have, or you will again. If you have, or will, take the time to write a wikipedia like quality article about the SOURCE site first and have that article link to the source. Next change all links that USED to point to that site so that they now point to your new dedicated article. Finaly write your red hot article and link to your own source article instead of directly to the source.

If you were right and StumbleUpon responded well, some of that traffic hits the second page as well and both may get stumbled. Not only that but the source site will hopefully get a single dedicated link with more pagerank than with your previous multiple low ranking links. Whenever you write an article about that source again – link to the dedicated article with a plugin like Alinks to automate it.

Michael Arrington does it with TechCrunch, it’s called crunchbase. Try it out.

update: A screenshot to answer the question “Is SU traffic worth it?”.

The answer is yes, natural stumbles on quality content yields a low bounce rate.
StumbleUpon traffic stats