FaceDub Effect – Funny Pictures Created By You

I just came across a fun website that seems to be getting popular quickly much like the icanhazcheeseburger lolcats site did last year. The FaceDub Website is designed both as an application to help you create fun “facedubs” but also to promote them within a rapidly growing community of members.

The Hulk Facedub

Facedub actually works on a standalone application that you download to your computer. It’s Free if you don’t mind the watermark over your image and inexpensive if you want the non-watermarked version. The application itself has other uses so the value for you money but if you already own photoshop quality imaging software you can accomplish many of the effects yourself assuming you know how.

Woman Facedub

A sexier body for a picture you want on MySpace? No problem. Facedub.com has a gallery of existing stock photographs and a community willing to supply more and provide assistance. The pictures in this article were borrowed from the gallery to give you an example. The faces don’t belong, duh :P

The Hulk Facedub

You can even have a little fun with the tool by making some composite pictures of your favorite celebrities. I bet it’s not long before you see John Chow’s mug attached to a panda honestly, but you’ll have to go over and read his blog to find out why he doesn’t like Pandas. I’m sworn to secrecy.