Train Pictures – 10 Vividly Stunning Locomotives in HDR

Train Pictures – My skills using photomatrix have improved greatly since I began creating HDR images but in order to create my very best some inspiration was in order. I grew up in Eastern Canada near a railroad, trains are perfect inspiration!

I LOVE the mix of old steel locomotives, from an era almost gone by, with new photo technology. I think it brings an air of surealism to these trains and locomotives but retains their full glory in the process. What do you think ?

1. A Union Pacific coal train in Steele City, NE by: jc/pics
Union Pacific Coal Train

2. A steam engine on the Bluebell railway in England by: Steffen M. Boelaars
Steam Train at Bluebell Railway Station

3. A rusty locomotive resting in the Uyuni graveyard by: Wili Hybrid

Rusty Train in Railroad Graveyard

4. A vivid diesel locomotive resting in a train graveyard by: Juanpg
Diesel Train in Railroad Graveyard

5. A stunning diesel Locomotive heading to Delson by: mike9alive
Diesel Train in the snow

6. Guilford MEC 343 Engine in black and white by: Lawrence Whittmore

MEC 343 Train

7. Old Frich diesel locomotive in Esbjerg harbor by: dans le grand bleu
Old Diesel Locomotive

8. Denver & Rio Grande Western Locomotive built in 1902 by: Stuffeyesee
Western Locomotive

9. The Royal Hudson Canadian Pacific Train by: Lycid
Royal Hudson Canadian Pacific Train

10. 1922 Locomotive built in Batignolles-Chatillon at Nantes by: arnet
Steam Locomotive

I’ll post some of my own train hdr images soon, from the museum of civilization in Ottawa, Canada along with several photomatrix guides. Are you inspired too?