Vintage Ads – 10 Funny Reminders Of How Times Change

Vintage Advertising, especially old magazine ads, are a reminder that as the years pass people change as a community. Some vintage ads that were acceptable in the past wouldn’t be tolerated today and yet other vintage advertising is simply quite funny today because our value system has changed.

Take a look at these 10 vintage marketing efforts, what were they thinking?!

1. Vintage Ad for Disease Prevention
Vintage Ad for Venereal Disease

Watch out for women? Yikes! [source: 1vintage1]

2. Vintage Ad for Prem – Meat in a can
Vintage Ad for Prem

A reminder that it’s not all real [source: National Home Monthly - July 1947]

3. Vintage Ad from Texaco
Vintage Ad by Texaco

Insert your own dirty joke here [Source: Time, March 13, 1972]

4. Vintage Ad for Baby Ruth
Vintage Ad by Baby Ruth

Promoting the large amount of sugar, yum! [source: Ohio University]

5. Vintage Hotel Ads
Vintage Hotel Ad for Valhalla

Have you enjoyed a warm fuzzy viking today? [source: Toronto Life, Dec 1984]

6. Vintage Ad for Salt
Vintage Salt Ad

My doc says sodium is teh devil. [source: Family Circle, Dec 1967]

7. Vintage Smoking Clothes Ad
Vintage Smoking clothes ad

Mad Ninja Smoking Skills, lady! [source: Toronto Life, Sept 1969]

8. Vintage Ad Promoting Cig Sexiness
Vintage Smoke ad

Probably, so that she can hit you again! [source: 1vintage1]

9. Vintage Shaving Ad
Vintage Shaving ad

Just what every kid needs, Bizarre!

10. Vintage Ad For Tape Worms?!
Vintage Dietary Tapeworm Ad

Eating sanitized tapeworms to stay skinny, wth?! [source: 1vintage1]