Slow WordPress Admin Panel? aLinks Plugin Is A Cause

This is a bug report about a problem many wordpress users have been experiencing over the past few days. Complaints of wordpress admin panels running slowly when the rest of the site is fine have surfaced in various places and after unleashing the bloodhounds to locate the problem, the problem has been found.

aLinks is a wordpress plugin that automaticaly links chosen keywords to appropriate destination uri’s accross the entire blog at once. The plugin is database driven and stores all of your desired links for use every time you type in your keywords which has proven very usefull, and profitable for affiliates, to thousands of wordpress users.

The wordpress admin panel slowdown and timeouts began occuring ironicaly at the same time as the plugin authors websites went offline. Both and the developers site are offline as I write this which is causing the plugin to time out as it tries to contact those sites.

My question to the developer, if/when the sites resurface, is going to be “why does my plugin attempt to communicate with your site and can we change that please?”. Until then, unfortunately, the only solution is to disable the aLinks wordpress plugin altogether.

I hope this helps a few wordpress users before perfectly good wordpress instalations get ruined while trying to fix this little quirk.