Worlds Top Most Poisonous Animals

The Venomous Poison Dart Frog

The Venomous Poison Dart Frog

King Cobra: The Ophiophagus Hannah or the King Cobra as it is better known, growing up to 5.6 mt in length is one of the most venomous snakes in the world. A single bite of this snake-eater can prove fatal for humans. Though the venom of King Cobra is not so toxic, it is dangerous as it can inject 5 times more venom than other venomous snakes.

Blue-Ringed Octopus: As opposed to the size of the Blue-Ringed Octopus, it contains venom that can kill any human. Recognized as world’s most venomous animals, the painless bite of this octopus causes numbness leading to cessation of breathing & ultimately death.

Poison Dart Frog: The small & colorful looking poison dart frogs of Central & South America are venomous enough to kill about 10 adult humans. They are named so since the toxic venom of these frogs is used by Amerindians on their blow-darts to poison the tips. The poison of this frog is contained in its skin.

Box Jellyfish: Leading the list of the world’s most venomous animals is the box jellyfish. It is found mostly in the waters around Australia & Asia. The toxic & painful venom of this jellyfish attacks the heart, skin cells & nervous system causing the victim to go in a state of shock & ultimately death.

Stonefish: While talking of venomous fishes, the Stone Fish leads the line as being one of the most venomous fishes of the world. Resulting in the worst known kinds of pain in the victim, the venom of this fish also causes paralysis, shock & tissue death. These are mostly found above the Tropic of Capricorn & the shallow marine waters of Indian & Pacific Ocean.

Marbled Cone Snail: Though a small beautiful looking animal, the venom of the marbled cone snail is powerful enough to kill over 20 humans. Thriving mostly in warm salt water environment, the venom of this snail causes unbearable pain, numbness, muscle paralysis & breathing failure.